Never again spending your money for shopping

The word ‘shopping’ makes you think of unnecessarily spending money on things you actually don’t need. For a lot of people getting their ‘normal’ groceries is becoming more of a problem than before. Rising costs and growing financial stumbling blocks make the weekly trip to the supermarket a real challenge. Lots of families have to plan very exactly what and where they shop in order to make ends meet. Going on a shopping spree is not for them. There are some possibilities to change that: working more, asking friends for a loan, getting credit from your bank, or going on a strict diet … but these are no real solutions!

Project is set up to financially help anyone with his expenses, no matter what origin, colour of skin, or social status.

Participants in card2shop are getting loaded shopping cards according to a systematic period of time. These are pre-paid cards loaded with money you can spend freely. You can use our cards globally.

On top of that our participants get cash-back at over 70.000 sale points with every purchase, and during some promotions up to 60% discount.


Shopping is becoming fun again!

No matter where, how or what you buy in future, you simply pay with your card2shop card and keep your own money in your pocket.

  • Are you sick and tired of always spending your hard earned money for shopping?

  • Would you like to fulfil your dreams, but you lack the ‘change’?

  • Would you like to receive every few weeks a new, loaded card?

  • Do you want cash-back at over 70.000 sale points?


Learn how you too can receive a few thousands euros yearly for your wishes come true!
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